Driffield REaction

What a fabulous day we had at Driffield Methodist Church for REaction on July 12th.

Based around one central theme, the day offered a series of workshops exploring the different elements of ‘pilgrimage’ seen through first-hand accounts – the highs and lows of a journey, thinking about transition and embracing change through the eyes of a person of faith. These involved looking back through history to understand how the actions of pilgrims in the past may still impact our lives now, as well as looking forward and asking if pilgrimage is still relevant today?


Driffield Methodist Church gave a lovely warm welcome to 120 year 5&6 children from Driffield Junior school and offered an exciting day on the theme of Pilgrimage.  “Wow, what an amazing place!” one pupil exclaimed as they walked in the worship area of the Church.

Steve and Jenny from ‘Yeast’, who go into schools weekly supported the children, helping them engage in the different workshops. This was very much appreciated as they had an instant rapport with the children and staff.

Anna from ACT, based in Beverley Minster provided a workshop all about St John of Beverley and included aspects of modern pilgrimage today. The children looked at routes on maps about local pilgrimages and reflected on the impact and the development of the life of Beverley Minster.

Adam from Label of Love dramatically inspired the children with his own personal story from a recent pilgrimage. The staff and the children were keen to hear more about Adam’s adventure and they considered their journey of life.

Reverend Richard and Sue Teal engaged the children in a dynamic workshop explaining about the life of John Wesley and his impact on the local area. During this time the children learned the Methodist song ‘All we can’ which was performed altogether at the end of the day with lots of enthusiasm and waving of arms.

Cathy from Label of Love ran a creative workshop looking at children and young people who go on pilgrimage and the impact it has on their lives. Elements of transition and moving on for year 6 children were also included.


A special thankyou to Leslie and Richard and their kind volunteers from Driffield Methodist Church who made the building accessible for us and provided refreshments and help throughout the day.

To see the photos please click on the link below:

Recent Events – Driffield Methodist Church (driffieldmethodists.org.uk)