Taking Stock

The last few years have seen a lot of challenges and changes (physical and mental health issues, lockdowns, and now the cost of living). These have all impacted in different ways on schools and on churches, and on Label of Love.


So we are taking some time to reflect on what these changes might mean for us as a charity but also what they might mean for Christian ministry in schools in Hull and the East Riding.


Some of the big questions we are thinking about are: what might be the best way to share our faith in schools; what needs do schools and children and young people have that we might help with; how can we pay for the work we might do; who might God be calling to join in with this sort of work?


These are some big questions and we are really pleased to say Cathy Beynon, a very experienced and gifted local Christian, is leading this piece of work for us over the next six months.


Cathy may well be in touch with you if you have experienced our work, are a supporter, a local church leader, or are just interested in young people, schools and faith. We hope you will be able to talk to Cathy and offer your perspective on the questions we are asking. Please do pray for us as staff and trustees as we look for our next steps.