REaction: Journey into Easter

We have just finished our Easter REaction Tour, speaking to, interacting and being creative with around 1000 pupils from Hull and the East Riding in 7 different venues, learning about the Easter Story and what it means for us today. The children enjoyed the craft activities alongside listening to the story and sharing what they knew about it already. We made palm leaves, sat around the Last Supper table (100+ children) with Jesus and listened to how he broke bread and shared the wine. We lived with him through the Garden of Gethsemane and learned about him hanging on the cross, where he died and was then put in a grave. We shared how he rose from the dead and how that gives us hope today for a better life to come and makes us celebrate Easter! The children learned a very simple Easter Song to remember the story in 8 lines. We dramatized the story in different ways to re-tell it, after they had listened to it in separate chunks, followed by a craft activity to enhance the backdrop for the different scenes. We had fun and learned a lot of new things together. We are looking forward to our next Tour about CHANGES coming up in June. Please contact us through our website if your school is interested in booking for an event!