REaction November 2018

Schools team teaching school children in Beverley Minster

We spent two days at Beverley Minster in November talking to 280 Year 5&6 pupils about the meaning of SANCTUARY. Sanctuary in the Middle ages, Beverley having been a place of Sanctuary criminals could flee to, and Sanctuary Today, thinking about the plight of refugees, being displaced, having to flee dangerous situations.

The children had to create village identities in their groups and introduce their village to all the other groups through a dance, a chant or song, a decorated banner with their village name and a decorated Sanctuary Cross. Every group had to showcase these. It made the children feel right at home in their village. In the afternoon we moved the children around unexpectedly. They found themselves in another village and felt out of place. We reflected together with them, what it might be like to be a refugee.

It was a good day, during which the children really engaged with the difficulties people have to face who have to flee their country.