REaction is back!

Last week we ran two separate REactions, one in Emmanuel Church Bridlington for infants and one in Inmans Primary school in Hedon for years 3 and 4. We had ca 100 infants from four schools. We shared the creation story with them and rean three 30min workshops about different parts of it. They learned a couple of songs, planted some peas and painted with their fingers. They had a jolly good time and the teachers seemed to have it too!

In Inmans Primary School we thought about Encounter, encountering God in church and outside church and how Christians might encounter God. What does a minister do? What is a sacred place? What do Christians do in that place? How do we worship? What does prayer look like? We ran four interactive workshops, the children really enjoyed, where they learned much about what Christians do in a church setting as well as outside church. At the end we all sang a song together they had learned in the music workshop. It was quite moving and a lot of fun!