Reflections on mentoring students

I’ve been partnering with HCYT at South Hunsley Secondary School now for more than three years. In that time, I’ve mentored many students and seen many grow in confidence, resilience and a greater sense of self-worth.  


Mentoring gives students the opportunity to share with a trusted adult often things they have never shared before, it creates a safe place for them to be open and honest and let’s face it we all know that teenagers can be reluctant to share anything. 


It’s a privilege to be able to listen to young people share their thoughts, fears, worries and dreams. Many of us don’t have the time or availability to be able to share how we feel with someone and it’s remarkable the difference it makes when we do. 


I am acutely aware that in my role as a mentor I am in a position of power and have no authority to put pressure on any student to respond to the call to follow Jesus but what I often do is talk openly and freely if and when appropriate about my own faith and share biblical truths I’ve seen impact my life. 


This often opens up conversations and students have more questions than are answered but it’s a great opportunity too. 

One student said “I don’t believe in God but it’s clear your faith has made a difference for you.”


Using the Big Green Heart material enables me to talk about the power of forgiveness and through the sessions see the difference forgiving makes in the life of the students I see, which is one of Jesus’ greatest teachings. 


One student said this about the BGH, ‘I didn’t know I felt angry towards them but since forgiving them and letting go I feel free and lighter.’


I hope to be an example of Jesus in the school and make each student feel accepted, listened to and safe no matter who they are or what’s going on in their lives. 




Adam Norton

Part of Label of Love Schools Team