Summer REaction

In July we welcomed St Nick’s year 6 students into St Mary’s and Beverley Minster for our justice and freedom themed day.


The day was lovely and warm so we started outside, playing ice breaker games and thinking about what justice is.


We witnessed the commonwealth torch go past, a great opportunity and everyone cheered.


We moved inside and split into two groups. Jennie, the St Mary’s historian took a group and looked at kings of old. What made a good king and would they be fair to people if they were king. My group went back outside and we made posters, created dances and made-up songs all about freedom and what that means for them. We talked about the teaching of Jesus and his message of forgiveness, releasing freedom into the world.


We all then walked to the Minster and had lunch outside in the lovely grounds. The Minster team took over with two great workshops. One looking at refugees and Beverley being a town of sanctuary. The other was all about figures of justice from Greta to Gandhi. They made banners and thought about what they would stand for.


A great day was had by all. The next one will be in October again carrying on the theme of Justice and Freedom.