Back in Action with REaction

We are back in action with REaction. We ran two REactions, one in Chiltern Primary School on Sanctuary and one virtual one for Beverley Minster School on Remembrance. We had a great time with the children on both occasions! We have changed our programme, offering three different REaction Packages for KS1 and 2, so that schools can pick for which year group they would like an REaction and we deliver for a maximum of two classes face-to-face in school or for any number of classes virtually. We can offer a greater variety of topics this way which gives schools a greater choice to pick from.

The virtual REaction posed some challenges. It made us aware that schools are not necessarily equipped with all the technology they need to make it an interactive experience. We are looking for donations of 3-4 older smart phones that have a decent camera, microphone and battery power, that we could loan to schools for virtual REactions on the day so that we can have a proper interactive experience. If you have one lying around in your draw and you do not want it anymore, we would be delighted to take it off your hand to be able to use it to bring RE to live for children or for virtual mentoring sessions!