Forgiving is Living

A new school year is upon us and hopefully we won’t have to lock down anymore but will return to face-to-face interaction all year round. We started off with supporting Priscilla Smith sharing and training teachers and teaching assisstants at Kirk Hammerton Primary School to use the Big Green Heart, which is about learning to recognise why we feel hurt and what we can do about it. In order to come out from underneath inner pain we need to acknowledge that it is there, naming it and forgiving those who have inflicted it on us with the help of the illustration of the Big Green Heart. It is a very powerful tool and the training session was very real and touching.

We hope to work with Priscilla more, helping and supporting her to roll the BGH out into more and more schools to change a whole generation of pupils. In a world that circles around “I”, we would like to help young people to see that letting go of grudges, acknowleding hurt and pain and choosing to forgive can bring real freedom and create real relationships. Healing wounds in young people will make them whole for the future and could impact society on a large scale to be more aware and alive to one another.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about the Big Green Heart and how it could help children and young people in your school. Please support us to bring this amazing tool into the educational arena to transform a whole generation by being healed, even more necessary after covid, becoming healers themselves and being able to be resilient, wholesome and forgiving in their relationships!