New Year!

We hope that you had a good Christmas and New Year, Covid free hopfully!

We are into the New Year, excited about what it will bring! We are beginning to plan the next REaction tour, continuing to offer mentoring sessions for groups and individuals at South Hunsley School, emotional well-being sessions and collective worship at primary schools in the East Riding.

Last school term we ran REaction about St John of Beverley as a face-to-face event in Beverley Minster and as online events, which was absolutely great. We engaged with around 500 children and shared with them the story of St John and the impact he had on the people around him in his day and the following centuries, being very crucial to the founding of Beverley.

In South Hunsley School we worked with small groups of year 7 and 8 students who had been most impacted by the lockdowns over the last 21 months. We addressed issues of anxiety, loneliness, anger and insecurity. We also provided mentoring sessions for individual students who needed a listening ear to help them deal with some of their issues, who would have struggled being in a group setting.

In Keldmarsh Primary School we joined with the Beverley Schools Christian Trust to deliver emotional well-being sessions and lunch clubs. It was very active and busy and great to be back in a primary school after not having been able to have any face-to-face sessions for a long time. The children engaged with the craft activities and we thought with them about words that would help them to express when they were not feeling happy at school, who to go to find help and how to boost themselves by thinking about activities that would do something for them to divert their attention to feel more positive within themselves.

We ran collective worship at Elloughton Primary School once a month, starting off with online video linksand after half term being able to go in and do it face-to-face.

Slowly our outreach and activities are picking up again and it is exciting to be able to go back into schools!

We hope that you have an exciting 2022 ahead of you and that you will be blessed in the changed world we are living in now!


The Label of Love Team