Imagine a steam engine without coal

a plane without fuel

a bakery without flour

a plug without power.

Well, that’s us, a little bit. Due to the Coronaviruses centre stage approach to life we have not been able to run as many events as we have done in the past to keep up part of our financial income and we have not been able to build up new contacts with churches and individuals. We wondered if what we do sparks you, if you have a heart for young people, to reach them, support them and expose them to the gospel via the means of pastoral care, REaction days and assemblies.

If you feel that you would like to support us financially, then please get in touch with us through We are more than happy to come and talk to you, do presentations and activities for churches and see if we can support your ministry in any way with what we do!

Blessings form the

Label of Love Team